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How to define the type of paper used by Modigliani?
well to begin with it should be clarified that this resource is not intended to be a scientific resource at any time,
yes, there are data that are somewhat scientific but in general it is my intention to create an understandable resource for all the world
and therefore I will not get to fill this with chemical analysis.

The paper in Modigliani is commercial standard papers, sometimes art papers and many just pages from notebooks of that time.

It is very difficult to create a rule for Modigliani's papers, the lack of documentation and the doubts that arise around the drawings are a thousand times higher than around the paintings, Modigliani did not create any type of record and it would not be until more than 30 years after his death that experts began to create a record of his production on paper.

There is the added problem that to analyze a paper you have to cut a piece and therefore the analyzes that exist on this medium are scarce and very limited.

Among the things that the experts present, there are accounting books, moleskine note books, postcards, and even reused advertisements.

So I do not think it advisable to spend a lot of time on the subject since it always depends on the supposed value of the expert and this will always be contaminated by human beings due to their prejudices regarding the origin or the number of previous publications.

I am going to limit to show examples since although it is the great market in Modigliani for quantity of works for the experts, it is an authentic minefield ...

General evolution
First recorded works:
1896 - 1908
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Alexandre period:
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Based on the main experts we have a large number of drawings from any period, we even can find the same drawing over and over with just brief and minimum changes, so drawings are hard to study and even much more harder to catalogue, I will just let it like this for the moment and when I have time I will work again about them.

I will give a full section to this feature in a future.