Beatrice Hastings Head by Amedeo Modigliani
Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
NO Nº 96 Nº 78 YES 23/1915 Nº 79 YES ?
Date 1915 ?
Title Beatrice Hastings
Materials Oil on cardboard (Restellini: oil on carton maroufle over wood - Parisot, Ceroni: oil on paper)
Size 43 x 35 cm (Parisot 35 x 27 - Restellini in 1999: 35 x 27 - in 2002: 35 x 26.5 - Exhib. 1958 33 x 25)
Signature: "modigliani" top right and unreadable text in low right
Actual Location Museo del Novecento, Milano, Italia (Inv. Nº 8744)
  • -?-

    Sale: Drouot, Paris 20 / June / 1941 — Sold for 4.000 FF
    (Provenance is not clear since this is probably a work that changed hands during the war LINK)
    Jucker Collection, Milano (after 1940-41)
    mention in P.C: Milano in 1955 exhib.
    Museo d'arte contemporanea Coll. Jucker. Milano
    Museo del Novecento, Milano, Italia (Inv. Nº 8744)

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Bibliography -?-

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Exhibitions -?-

Milano, Associazione fra gli amatori e i cultori delle arti figurative contemporanee, 1946 - nº 3 (size 35 x 27)
Milano, Borromini Gallery, 1947
Roma, Modigliani, IV Quadriennale, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, 1951-1952
Bern, Modigliani Campigli Sironi, Kunsthalle Bern, 1955 - nº 7
Paris, Cent Tableaux de Modigliani, Galerie Charpentier, 1958 - nº 21
Marseille, Musée Cantini, 1958 - nº 4
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Milano, Modigliani: l'ange au visage grave, Palazzo Reale, 2003 - nº 23
Genova, Modigliani, Palazzo Duccale, 2017

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Not in D' Atri papers ?





Detail of the ears where the drawing is clearly visible and is painted in color



This painting presents holes in the 4 corners (2 of them covered by restoration)


I have no information of restorations or cleaning of the work, but looking at old pictures is curious to see how the green area vanishes with time in pictures (the most actual & real image is up):
changes of color in the images of the painting across time

In lower right there is another signature or dating almost invisible to regular eye, only readable using the red channels:
Probably a dedicatory or a dating (12 ???)?

Red Channel
invisible dedicatory

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