woman with red hair
Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Date 1915 ? ( dated in 1913)
Title Wife and Husband (verso Caryatid rossa)
Materials Oil on canvas
Size 80 x 58.5 cm
Signature: Unsigned?
Actual Location Private Collection San Francisco
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    Private Collection

Bibliography -?-

Genova, Palazzo Duccale, Modigliani , 2017 - nº 9 , p. 43

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Exhibitions -?-

Prague, Modigliani, Municipal house, 2010- 2011 ( in catalogue is only visible the caryatid side, no mention at all of this side of the painting, Parisot presents and X-ray absolutely impossible with this painting and the recto side.
Vitoria, "Modigliani - Imagens de uma vida", Palácio Anchieta,Curator Christian Parisot, 2012
Rio de Janeiro, "Modigliani - Imagens de uma vida", Museu Nacional de belas Artes, Curator Christian Parisot, 2012
São Paolo, "Modigliani - Imagens de uma vida" , Museu de arte de Sao Paolo, Curator Christian Parisot, 2012
Curituba, "Modigliani - Imagens de uma vida", Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Christian Parisot, 2012
Genova, Palazzo Duccale, Modigliani , 2017 - nº 9

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Other Parisot in the catalogue for the exhibition in Prague (P. 34) present this X-ray as the image visible under the Caryatid Rossa:


This X-ray combined with the painting in Verso and the recto composition are impossible.

1.- The frontal and back composition would be visible at the same image.
2.- The balcony in the frontal painting and the treatment of the background would make impossible to have a previous composition, the blank areas with no painting that left visible the canvas make it absolutely impossible.
In conclusion, the upper X-ray cant be from that painting.

- I lost my time contacting the Vernon Gallery in Prague as organization central point for the exhibit when I saw that catalogue (in 2011previous to the exhibition opening) and the person in charge didn't even replied to me.

cariatide rossa by christian parisot


the marriage- verso of the red cariatide

-Image of the painting in display at Genova Modigliani exhibit in 2017:


The painting was seized by the police after a report by C. Pepi an Italian connoisseur and finally this is the conclusions of the investigation:

Conclusion of the Prof. Isabella Quattrocchi (- JUST A COPY- TRANSLATE - PASTE of her report)
On the front painted in oil on canvas of 1913 depicting "The spouses" of 80 x 58.5 cm of generic origin from San Francisco private collection, refers to a 1915 painting. 55.2 x 46.
from the Paul Guillaumene collection entitled "Les époux" with a long history of exhibitions all over the world, currently present at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
It is a replica of the two characters, feminine and masculine, painted in a fast and approximate way, without no cure for the architectural elements of the background and the features of the faces of the two characters.
The details physiognomies are altered, like the elements of clothing (earrings, the dress and the hat of the man).
The whole composition is undefined, scribbled without giving depth and volume.
The signature does not appear but in the original of 1915 it is present in the lower right corner of a rectangle.
The work is grossly false.

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