WOMAN head with a velvet lace BY AMEDEO MODIGLIANI
Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Nº 58 - 196 Nº 82 Nº 75 YES 24/1915 NO ? ?
Date 1915 ? (J. Modigliani dates in 1912-13 - Pfannstiel in 1915-16 - )
Title Young woman head with velvet lace
Materials Oil on canvas ? (probably cardboard)
Size Unknown ? (Ceroni, Parisot 55 x 46 - Pfannstiel 46 x 38 )
Signature: Unsigned ? ( Parisot , Pfannstiel "modigliani " top right)
Actual Location Private Coll. Unknown
  • -?-

    Paul Guillaume, Paris
    Coll. Mademoiselle M. Brussels?
    Dutilleul Collection, Paris
    Private Collection USA (Pfannstiel 1956)?
    Private Collection Paris ( Ceroni 1970) ?

    Unknown location

    in process

Bibliography -?-

Pfannstiel, "catalogue presume" Modigliani. L'Art et la Vie. Preface de Louis Latourrettes, Seheur, Paris, 1929, p. 9 - nº VI also repeated in p. 32
Modigliani J. , Modigliani sans légende, Gruend, Paris, 1961 pl. 27 (Dated in 1912-1913)
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in process

Exhibitions -?-

Paris, Bernheim Jeune, May-June 1929, p. 145 ???

in process

Other This work is repeated in Pfannstiel, also in the number 196 dated in 1917 as "Le Liseré noir - size 54 x 45 signed top right with the next bibliography lines:
1.- Waldemar, La grande peinture contemporaine dans la collection Guillaume, exp. Bernheim Jeune, Paris 1929, p. 145
2.- Pfannstiel, "catalogue presume" Modigliani. L'Art et la Vie. Preface de Louis Latourrettes, Seheur, Paris, 1929, p. 32 - nº VI
With a location in Coll. Mlle. M., Bruxelles

I have never seen this painting live or at a color photo only in Black and White old photos, I cant find any exhibition reference.

There is an image of the Dutilleul house where this painting is on display and a simple look at the image reveals that the size must be much more smaller than Parisot, Ceroni or even Pfannstiel (he usually is much more near than the others) say, so
This means none of them really saw the painting live, another example of their lack of quality in the work, they just accepted it because of what?
Another interesting fact is that they don't even mention the provenance in Dutilleul, so what kind of research they made?

dutilleul house with part of his Modigliani's in display

1.- J. Hebuterne in lower left side size is 46 x 29 cm and moving the image and taking in control the possible distort of perspective, this painting is smaller in both sides to Hébuterne portrait.
2.- The Burgundian woman in the center has a size 55 x 38 and is clearly bigger than the painting of the woman with velvet lace in both sides.

So none of the sizes provided by the experts can match the real size of the painting (approx. size 38 x 28 cm as maximum?, Restellini say 35 x 24 and it could match...)

Same with the support that presents in the image no canvas sides, just a thin small frame, probably the real support is cardboard.


Scanning the BW image and using a gradient filter it does not reveal any alteration due to signature so it may be probably unsigned in the front (only it could be possible in the bottom right)

gradient filter to reveal signatures
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