Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
YES or NO ? YES YES or NO ? YES 1/1919 NO? NO ?
Date 1919
Title Marevna (Marie Vorobieff-Stebelska)
Materials Oil on canvas
Size 65 x 46 cm
Signature: Signed "modigliani" top right in red
Actual Location Private Collection, Mexico?
Provenance -?-

Marevna Collection, Paris ? (Based on Christian Parisot given provenance)
Diego Rivera Collection, Paris? (Based on Christian Parisot given provenance)
Léopold Zborowski, Paris (Based on Christian Parisot given provenance)
Baixeras Collection, Paris (Based on Christian Parisot given provenance)
Sale: Hotel Drouot, Paris - 1943 - Lot 88

Private Collection, Paris
Private Collection, Mexico?

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Bibliography -?-

NOTE: Parisot mentions the 1929 publication by Pfannstiel as in page 31?

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Exhibitions -?-

Paris, Marevna et les Montparnos, Musée Bourdelle, 1985 - nº 3
Paris, Salle Modigliani, Musée Montmartre, 1989 - nº 2
Paris, Modigliani room, Musée de Montmartre, 1990 ?
Tokyo, Amedeo Modigliani et l'Ecole de Paris, Museum of Art,  1991 (curated by Christian Parisot)
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Prague, Modigliani, Municipal house, Curated by Christian Parisot, 2010- 2011
Moscow, Paris School; 1905-32, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Curator Christian Parisot, 2011
Vitoria, "Modigliani - Imagens de uma vida", Palácio Anchieta,Curator Christian Parisot, 2012
Rio de Janeiro, "Modigliani - Imagens de uma vida", Museu Nacional de belas Artes, Curator Christian Parisot, 2012
São Paolo, "Modigliani - Imagens de uma vida" , Museu de arte de Sao Paolo, Curator Christian Parisot, 2012
Curituba, "Modigliani - Imagens de uma vida", Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Christian Parisot, 2012
Mexico, El rostro de la mujer  de los siglos XIV al XXI, Museo San Carlos, 2012

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Not in D' Atri papers

I received by email copy of a certificates for this painting by:

- Jean Diego Rivera Jr. ( grandson of the painter) - dated 2005
- Marika Rivera (daughter of Marevna & Diego Rivera) - Undated
- Angela Ceroni (widow of A. Ceroni) - dated 1980
- Andé Schoeller (expert in Modigliani of Hotel Drouot) - dated 1943
- Mme. Olange? (no idea who she is) dated 1965
- Jeanne Modigliani (daughter of Modigliani) - dated 1980
- Christian Parisot dated


Christian Parisot in his "CONDITION REPORT" dated 2005, say this is the result of the Pigments study & analysis:

1.- Lead White (Céruse)
2.- Cadmium Yellow
3.- Chromium orange
4.- Vermillon
5.- Red oxid iron (Rouge oxyde de fer)
6.- Organic provenance black
7.- Prussian Blue

NOTE: in the dossier there is not a single line saying where or by whom the study was made, only a huge signature by Christian Parisot in every page...


During the 2011 Pushkin exhibit this came to the press:

The questioning began when a Russian collector who was once interested in purchasing the work sent it in for scientific testing by the Swiss Institute for Art Research.
The collector, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, "After 40 days, I got the evaluation back from the institute, which indicated that some of the pigments used in this
painting were synthetic, produced after 1940.
" He decided against purchasing the painting only to find it now hanging in a museum.The collector isn't the only one who's concerned, but not all are in agreement with him.
The president of the Modigliani Institute in Rome, Christian Parisot, believes it to be a genuine portrait. Parisot has the legal right to authenticate works. In addition, he claims
to possess a document by Marevna stating she posed for Modigliani.

NOTE: based in my experience is the classical procedure of another French expert to take Parisot out of the market, he usually does this tricks to try to control the market...
(anyway Parisot also did it with Patani previously, so there is nothing new, just karma, that will also reach the french sooner or later)


The painting framed in exhibit in 2011:



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