Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
NO ? Nº 282 Nº 236 YES 30/1918 Nº 248 ? YES
Date 1918
Title Dédie profile view- Odette Hayden - Dédie Hayden - Seated woman - Dédie
Materials Oil on canvas
Size 92 x 60 cm
Signature: Signed "modigliani" top left
Actual Location Musée National d' Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France (Inv. Nº AM3974P)
Provenance -?-

André Lefèvre Collection, Paris

Musée National d' Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France (Inv. Nº AM3974P)
Gift M. & Mme. Lefèvre in 1952

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Exhibitions -?-

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Other Could be nº 212 in Pfannstiel? / size 92 x 53, page 35 presume - undated - and provenance in Zborowski - Bernheim Jeune ?


Not in D' Atri papers


This painting presents holes in 2 corners


Detail of signature in visible normal light:

signature normal light


The eyes of this painting are absolutely classic in terms of drawing to the work of modigliani from 1916-17, the presence of black for shading, takes us to the works of the
period 1915-1917, on 1918 usually the shading is made with color degradation, but in this case he makes use of contrast color.
The stippling visible on the body of the nasal septum is classic of the Modigliani game with the brush.

eyes and nose


Detail of the zig zag brushstrokes next to the edge, the figure in the background mixing white, green and black to create a sensation of movement in a neutral zone.

brush work in the painting

Detail of brush strokes in green on the window painted white background, quick and aggressive brush strokes that give depth in a simple and masterful way.

brush work in the painting


Detail of the brushstroke that shows the use of a large amount of pictorial material to reflect part of the chair and the dress,
Modigliani in the period of 1916 - 1918 plays a lot with the different depths of the pictorial matter, in the same painting we can
find solid blocks of thick paint and areas of fluid and almost transparent paint:


In this image of basic infrared, you can see the different brushstrokes present in the work, Modigliani used to make a continuous
use of the same type of brushstrokes, but that does not mean that we always have to find the same brushstrokes in the same areas,
they are only his tricks to paint.

As an example, the zigzag brushstrokes to cover large areas such as in this case present in the body of the black skirt of the dress,
can be found next to the edges of the figures on the white background wall with a much smaller size in other works.

To say that he always put the same brushstrokes in the same areas is to simplify the work of the artist who adapts the medium to the
realization, not vice versa.

infrared image brush play

detail of the skirt in macro:
brush work in the painting


Image of the painting framed in 2012 in a classical gilded frame:


Actual frame of the painting in a modern and aseptic black frame:

framed modern

There is a very similar painting with the same sitter actually at unknown location:

dedie lost or unknown location

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