Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Date 1918?
Title Marie
Materials Oil on canvas
Size 66 x 54 cm (in Prof.ssa Isabella Quattrocchi dossier)
Signature: Signed "modigliani" in top right
Actual Location Private Collection, USA?
Provenance -?-

Private Collection, USA?

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Bibliography -?-


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Exhibitions -?-

Bonn, Amedeo Modigliani: Ein Mythos der Moderne, Bundesrepublik, 2009 - nº 110
Prague, Modigliani, Municipal house,Curated by Christian Parisot, 2010- 2011
Vitoria, "Modigliani - Imagens de uma vida", Palácio Anchieta,Curator Christian Parisot, 2012
Rio de Janeiro, "Modigliani - Imagens de uma vida", Museu Nacional de belas Artes, Curator Christian Parisot, 2012
São Paolo, "Modigliani - Imagens de uma vida" , Museu de arte de Sao Paolo, Curator Christian Parisot, 2012
Curituba, "Modigliani - Imagens de uma vida", Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Christian Parisot, 2012
Genova, Modigliani, Palazzo Duccale, 2017 - nº 60

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Not in D'Atri papers




The painting framed at the scandalous Genoa Exhibition in 2017:

framed at genova 2017



The painting was seized by the police after a report by C. Pepi an Italian connoisseur and finally this is the conclusions of the investigation:


Conclusion of the Prof. Isabella Quattrocchi (- JUST A COPY- TRANSLATE - PASTE of her report)

The oil painting on canvas refers to the painting by Modigliani entitled "La petite Marie" of 1918 cm. 62 x 50.5 published in the catalog of the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris on 26 March-28 June 1981, a
pag. 142 n. 61 and published in the 1972 Ceroni catalog at no. 253 on page 101.
In the work seized, a female character, half-length, seated on a chair, with a black bob hair with fringe, with protruding ears, one double the other, has thin eyebrows, divergent almond-shaped eyes that appear to the
eyes of a sightless person, the thin and crooked nose, the mouth with the lower fleshy lip and the upper one thinned.
The young girl wears a dark green scarf that wraps around her stocky neck, her shoulders are irregularly sloping and avery elongated neckline.
The back wall of the room, with a hint of a door or window, is defined by an irregular outline of an unfinished frame, painted with large brushstrokes with an undefined and confused color, the black pigment
mixed with white, red and blue, dirty the color of the glass mirror, without being able to render the material transparency.

The Modigliani signature at the top right is a failed replica, as the initial m differs from those of the artist, so too the d is much more closed and a g has the lower leg much reduced compared to other letters.
The whole painting is the mirrored figure of the original published in the catalog of the Museum of Modern Art of Paris and in the Ceroni catalog.

The work is grossly false.


This is a report that seems written by someone who was just passing by...
It is clear that the work is not "nice" but we are not talking about tastes this is supposed to be a judicial report, when are the technical, chemical, visual analysis, etc. etc. mentioned here ???
Litte Marie (the "nice" one) has been published since 1926 and has one of the longest publications records in Modigliani, the 1981 exhibition and the Ceroni catalogue is just two more not really more
important than the others, but I guess is what other people told her to say...

Click on the Image to read about Litltle Marie:
Marie (the little Marie) amedeo modigliani

The signature is false because the M seems imposted, come on this is not worthy of a school child job, it is not serious.
Is Mme. Q Quattrocchi a calligraphyc expert or is she just repeating what other people tod her to say??
(it remind me one I read it a little ago from the hands of Restellini...)


I am not the person to say if this work is original or fake, but this report is absolutely naive & silly.
With this I do not say the work is genuine or fake, I personally don't like not even a single brush, but it does not mean that my taste make the difference.
All the experts claiming to destroy this or other works should be aware that under the same rules many of the works they present at many exhibits will also be in the same position in a future.


I would only add this 3 points:

1.- Art even if false is not forged NIKE sport shoes, so to destroy it is an absurd mistake that place art even if original at the same level of value as a NIKE sport shoes.

2.- The damage to the art experts claim to solve by destroying works is in terms of market not of Knowledge, stamp it in the back as false and do not destroy nothing, just in case we are wrong.

3.- I hope the painting is finally returned to the owners, even if fake, stamp it and return it.


The main problem here is that all the people involved are completely toxic, so fake news come and go, give them more time and they will say that Al Capone was involved...
they are all using the press as a weapon one to one, so nobody cares for Modigliani in this market issue.

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