Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
NO ? Nº 225 NO? YES YES ? ? YES ? ?
Date 1918
Title Woman portrait - Woman with necklace - The beautiful Irish girl - Young girl with necklace
Materials Oil on canvas?
Size ?
Signature: Signed "modigliani/1918" bottom right
Actual Location Private Collection?
Provenance -?-

Leopold Zborowski (sold in 1922)
Mr. X, Lyon (Charles Meysson?)
Galerie de Lyon (Alfred Poyet?)
Mr. Y ( Fritz Ernst Binschedler?), Acquired 1931-1932
Galerie David & Garnier, Paris (invoice 1958)
Edmond Cohen-Tenoudji, Paris
Perls Galleries, New York
Michael D. Dingman, New York (Acquired for $1.44 million)
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
(consigned by Dingman from 1989 - 1990)
Michael D. Dingman, New York
Private Collection (Edinburgh Inv. Ltd), New York?

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Lanthemann, Modigliani, catalogue raisonné: sa vie, son oeuvre, son art, G. Condal, Barcelona, 1970 - nº 225 - titled Young girl with necklace - dated 1917
Note: Lanthemann informs is the same model known as the "beutiful irish girl" in nº 224 (Lanthemann nº 224 - Ceroni nº 209 Musée M. Alpes Maritimes - Unknown location)

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Exhibitions -?-

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Not in D'Atri papers


In June 2011, Restellini advised Dingman/EIL that he would inspect the Painting one more time prior to making a final decision about authenticity.
After the inspection, Restellini advised Dingman/EIL that he was unable to make such a determination because more information was still needed.
Restellini provided three criterion for making his decision:
1) the scientific analysis (which was positive)
2) the provenance, or the history of the artwork (information was missing from before the sale to Cohen)
3) the overall appearance of the Painting compared to other Modigliani works.

In or about July 2011, Restellini informed Dingman/EIL that the Painting would remain under further investigation.

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The portrayed, known as the beautiful irish girl is also in this other painting:

woman amedeo modigliani - hanka

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