The little peasant  by amedeo modigliani
Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Nº 121 Nº 373 Nº 257 YES 39/1918 Nº 270 YES YES
Date 1918
Title The little peasant - le petit paysan - The young farmer - Young man - The peasant boy
Materials Oil on canvas (probably traces of tempera?)
Size 100 x 64.5 cm (1963 exhibit 100 x 65 )
Signature: Signed "modigliani." top right and the text "le petit paysan" bottom right
Actual Location Tate Collection, United Kigdom (Inv. Nº N05269)
Amedeo Modigliani
Léopold Zborowski, Paris,
Mansard Gallery, London
Hugh Blaker Collection, Isleworth-on-Thames (purchased through Léopold Zborowski at the Mansard Gallery or during Zborowski London visit in 1919)
Jenny Blaker Collection, Isleworth-on-Thames, 1936 (inheritance)

Tate Collection, United Kigdom (Inv. Nº N05269)
Presented by Miss Jenny Blaker in memory of Hugh Blaker 1941

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NOTE: Pfannstiel mentions the provenance as follows: Zborowski sold to Netter who sold to Blaker (??? a mistake also repeated by D'Atri)

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Nº 326 in D'Atri papers as The little peasant - dated 1917, painted in Paris - size 100 x 65 - Provenance Zborowski > Netter > Blaker in 1929 > National Gallery, London

The provided provenance is not possible because the work was never in Netter collection based on the word of Blaker:

Hugh Blaker, its first owner, recorded in his diary on 31 March 1932, after learning of Zborowski death: 'I was a friend in 1919 when he hawked Modigliani in vain in London.
My purchase alone enabled him to pay his rent of the first floor room. He brought over Modigliani stripped of stretchers and frames. He rolled them in bundles to dodge freightage.
He laid them on the floor. I bought four of them. So far as I know, I was the only man in London to care a tuppenny damn about 'em.'

Zborowski visit to London was made in connection with the exhibition French Art 1914-19 at the Mansard Gallery, which he helped to organize in association with Sir Osbert
and Sir Sacheverell Sitwell. Sir Osbert's account of the exhibition in Laughter in the Next Room (London 1949), pp.148-66 makes it clear that Modigliani's paintings, which had
never been seen in England before, were not quite as unfavorably received as Hugh Blaker suggests; indeed pictures were also purchased by Arnold Bennett, by Sir Osbert and
Sir Sacheverell Sitwell jointly, and by at least one other collector. 'The Little Peasant' was even reproduced in 1919 both in the Burlington Magazine and in the magazine Colour.


This painting presents holes in the 4 corners


Signature of the painting:


Text in the bottom right:

le petit paysan text


Detail of the ears where the drawing is clearly visible and is painted in color


This painting was part of the Modigliani technical research study in 2018

Extract from:
The Modigliani technical research study "Modigliani in the South of France"
King, Duvernois, Fronek, Towsend, Centeno
Burlington Magazine CLX - May 2018, pp. 394-399

Modigliani returns to Cezanne palette, oranges and blues return strongly. The painting layer becomes thin and the lack of materials make him change his painting methods.
War is in the worst moment therefore he employed a consistent and limited range of pigments.


In this painting the identification of the pigments are:

1.- Yellow (zinc chromate)
2.- Lead and Zinc white
3.- Vermelion
4.- Ochre
5.- Organic red lake
6.- Bone black
7.- Viridian green
8.- Prussian blue (synthetic ultramarine)

General Museum technical studies have reached the conclusion that is a very short palette, a simple range made with pre industrial oils (non artisan, but small scale industrial oils).


The painting has been recently cleaned and the restoration is in my opinion magnificent since it respected all the reds/oranges of the skin tones and
at the same time recovered the blues and reddish browns so similar to Cezanne present all over the Modigliani production.

cleaning of the image


The painting framed at the Tate Liverpool Gallery:



The same sitter can be seen in another painting with different position:

Peasant boy, elbow at the table amedeo modiglianiYoung peasant amedeo modigliani

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