Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
NO? Nº 224 Nº 209 YES ? Nº 215 ? ?
Date 1917 ?
Title Blond bust - Woman with red hair - red hair bust of a woman - The beautiful Irish - Young woman - woman bust - unknown woman
Materials Oil on canvas ?
Size 61 x 41 or 65 x 46 cm ? (Lanthemann say 15M - Ceroni, Patani 66 x 41)
Signature: Signed "modigliani" top right
Actual Location Lost / stolen or Musée Cocteau. Menton, France ?
Provenance -?-

Mori Collection (Paris or Monaco?)?
Charles S. Wakefield?
Menton Musée Munincipal

Musée Cocteau, Menton, France?
Lost or Stolen?

In process

Bibliography -?-

Lanthemann, Modigliani, catalogue raisonné: sa vie, son oeuvre, son art, G. Condal, Barcelona, 1970 - nº 224
Ceroni & Piccioni, Il dipinti di Modigliani, Rizzoli, Milano, 1970 - nº 209 ( size 66 x 41 and title is Blond Bust)
Patani, Catalogo Generale, Leonardo, Milano, 1991-94 - nº 215

In process

Exhibitions -?-

Venezia, Mostra retrospettiva di Modigliani – Curated by Lionello Venturi - Biennale di Venezia , Sala XII degli Appels d'Italie, 1930 - nº 34 (as Woman portrait - C. Mori, Paris)

In process

Other Not in D' Atri papers


I have never seen this painting live or in a good color reproduction


The sitter is an unknown model (The Beautifil Irish Girl, based on Lanthemann) but there is another painting with the same sitter
but next to the signature it say 1918 :

Woman amedeo modigliani

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