Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Nº 143 Nº 215 Nº 185 YES 44/1917 Nº 199 ? YES
Date 1917
Title Reclining nude with coral necklace- Nu couche - Nude with coral necklace - Nude with necklace (one eye closed)
Materials Oil on canvas
Size 66.5 x 101.1 cm (size changed after restoration / Wayne 65.4 x 99.4 - Klein 64.4 x 99.4)
Signature: Signed "modigliani" top right in white / Text in the back of the painting in black oil: "Modigliani. / 3 Joseph Bara. / Paris. / 1917"
Actual Location Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College Ohio, USA ( Inv. Nº AMAM 1955.59)
Provenance -?-

Léopold Zborowski, Paris
Carco Collection, Paris
Sale: Hotel Drouot, Paris, 2.3.1925 (Carco collection sale) - Lot 64
Galerie Bing, Paris (1925)
Fénéon Collection, Paris
Sale: Hotel Drouot, Paris, 30.3.1947 (Fénéon collection sale) - Lot 95
Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York
Joseph Bissett Collection, New York (acquired from above 1950)

Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College Ohio, USA ( Inv. Nº AMAM 1955.59)
Gift from Joseph and Enid Bissett in 1955.

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Exhibitions -?-

Paris, Modigliani , Berthe Weill Gallery, 1917 (?)
Paris, Modigliani, Galerie Bing et Cie, 1925 (unknown number)
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Other Nº 239 in D' Atri papers dated 1917, size 65 x 100, titled Nu au collier ( un oeil clos)- Zborowski > Fénéon


Note in the Curatorial file of the museum:

The painting is in excellent condition. The original canvas, of inexpensive, coarsely woven linen and jute, was
lined in 1960 and mounted on an ICA-type spring stretcher; at that time the dimensions of the canvas were
enlarged slightly to fit more securely in the existing frame. Written in black paint on the back of the original
canvas at upper left (now obscured by the lining fabric) is: Modigliani. / 3 Joseph Bara. / Paris. / 1917.11 A
thin, dark grey ground was applied to the face of the canvas, apparently an oil paint. The paint surface has a
markedly rough texture, with sharp ridges and points of impasto, suggesting that the paint may have been
applied with a stippled touch instead of strokes. The dark grey ground is exposed between forms in the lower
portion of the picture. In 1983, discolored varnish and overpaint (primarily in the area of the model's left
wrist and belly) were removed, and minor losses (associated with a small puncture in the area of the model's
wrist) were inpainted.

The vertical dimensions of the stretcher were increased by 7/16 in. (1.1 cm) when the painting was lined
in 1960; the original height was 25 3/4 in. (64.4 cm).


Detail of signature in visible normal light:
signature under visible light


The painting at the Galerie Bing et Cie, 1925 exhibition:

The painting at the Galerie Bing et Cie, 1925 exhibition


The painting framed at theAllen Memorial Art Museum:

The painting framed at theAllen Memorial Art Museum


The same sitter can be recognized in other paintings by Modigliani, with an undoubted match in the Guggenheim & private collection paintings:

similar or the same model

Detail of the ear where the drawing is visible and is painted over the color (on top of the color)


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