Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Nº 147 Nº 141 Nº 192 YES 33/1917 Nº 195 YES YES
Date 1917
Title Seated nude - Nu Assis sur un divan - La belle romaine - The beautiful roman
Materials Oil on canvas
Size 100 x 65 cm
Signature: Signed "modigliani" bottom right
Actual Location Private Collection (China or Hong Kong)
Provenance -?-

Léopold Zborowski, Paris
Sabouraud Collection, Paris (acquired to above in 1929)
Renand Collection, Paris
Sale: Hotel Drouot, Paris, Renand Sale, 20-November-1987 - Lot 6
Private Collection, Asia
Sale: Sotheby's, New York, 11- November-1999 - Lot 125
Sold: 15.250.000 USD
Private Collection, Europe

Sale: Sotheby's, New York, Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale - 02- November-2010 - Sale N08675 - Lot 7
Sold: 68.962.500 USD

Private Collection

In Process

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In process

Other Nº 241 in D' Atri papers dated 1917 - titled Nu Assis - Sabouraud Collection 1929


Detail of signature in visible normal light:

Detail of the signature in IR;
signature IR


The eyes of this painting reflect a style Modigliani used from the end of 1915 to the first months of 1918, very similar eye construction can be
seen in many Modigliani works from this period but the lines inside the eyes are more common in previous works:

detail of the face


This painting presents holes in 2 corners, probably the other 2 holes are covered by restoration.


Painting was covered with a high glossy varnish layer, done by the artist, it is recorded in several sources that Modigliani wanted to imitate the feel & texture of
the old masters, a modern Titian, so he varnished his painting to achieve a similar glossy craquelure of the surface (also some of the newest studies have
discovered some other were varnished later).

This is one of the main reasons to avoid strong cleaning in the Modigliani nudes, first because they lost the red/orange (red lake) veils mixed with the varnish.

I have no information of any cleaning procedure in this case, but the surface seems to be clean and the painting when live maintain the reds in perfect
shape (many known photos adjust the red surface to a more softer orange or almost pink in photographic effects).


Extract from:
The Modigliani technical research study "Modigliani's painted Nudes 1916- 17
Burnstock, Duvernois, Stringari
Burlington Magazine - April 2018

Modigliani employed a consistent and limited range of pigments for painting the nudes, including lead white with a low proportion of zinc, vermilion red, an organic red lake pigment,
iron oxide-containing pigments including sienna, ocher and umber-colored ones, Prussian blue, French ultramarine, calcium phosphate (bone) black and viridian green. There are
consistencies in the combinations of pigments for flesh; these include a mixture of white with vermilion and a separate application of a transparent red lake.


In resume the main identified colors/pigments in Modigliani's nudes (and this means all the 1916-17 nudes) are:

1.- Lead White with a low proportion of zinc.
2.- Vermilion red
3.- Organic red lake
4.- Sienna
5.- Ocher
6.- Umber-colored ones
7.- Prussian blue
8.- French ultramarine
9.- Bone black
10.- Viridian green

This does not means that a painting has to present the 10 pigments, this are the pigments found in all the analyzed nudes:

- "Nude 1" have Prussian blue but not the French Ultramarine (both are blues)
- "Nude 2" have French Ultramarine but no Prussian Blue
- "Nude 3" have Sienna
- "Nude 4" have Ocher
and so on.

There is no need that the same painting have all the 10 detected, you can achieve the same effect using just one blue instead of the two detected.

Mix, Vermilion red + Sienna and you have the perfect orange skin in Modigliani from 1914 to 1917-18
Mix Vermilion + Sienna + White and you have the perfect pink skin in Modigliani from 1917-8 to 1919

General Museum technical studies have reached the conclusion that is a very short palette, a simple range made with pre industrial oils (non artisan, but small scale industrial oils).

Just a visual examination ( I have no technical information) fits perfectly in the common visual Modigliani Nude Palette:



The painting at the Tate Gallery exhibit in 2017:
The painting at the Tate Gallery exhibit in 2017

The painting framed for auction in 2010:
The painting framed for auction in 2010

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