Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Nº 118 Nº 190 Nº 106 YES 15/1916 Nº 110 YES YES
Date 1917 (Klein, Fraquelli, Parisot, Patani, Restellini 1916 based on the text by Cocteau - but, surprise is dated 1917 in the canvas by Modigliani)
Title Jean Cocteau - The poet Jean Cocteau
Materials Oil on canvas
Size 100.4 x 81.3 cm
Signature: Signed "modigliani" top left and dated 1917 top left
Actual Location Henry and Rose Pearlman Foundation - Princeton University Art Museum, New Jersey, USA - (Inv. Nº L.1988.62.18)
Amedeo Modigliani
Acquired from the artist by Jean Cocteau, Paris, ca. 1917 (sold to him for 5 FF)
Moise Kisling (acquired from above)
Sale: sold by Moise Kisling to the owner of Café Rotonde, ca. 1917 (sold for 11 FF)
Decaves Collection, Paris.
Léopold Zborowski, Paris.
Khoury Collection, Paris
Paul Guillaume, Paris (in 1926)
Domenica Guillaume (later Walter) Collection, Paris
Billy Rose Collection , New York (in 1944)
George Gard “Buddy” De Sylva Collection, Los Angeles (in 1951)
James Vigeveno Galleries, Los Angeles
Pierre F. Nesi, Paris
Henry Pearlman Collection, New York (Acquired March 1951 from the above for 17.000.000 FF / 49.000 USD of 1951)

Henry and Rose Pearlman Foundation - Princeton University Art Museum New Jersey, USA - (Inv. Nº L.1988.62.18)
Lent in 1974 to Princeton University Art Museum

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Other Note:

This painting was done at the same time with Kisling (based on Pearlman information), the Kisling version of this image known as Jean Cocteau assis dans son atelier (1916)
show the way Modigliani works, while Kisling is worried about the space and the volumes and things that surround Cocteau, Modigliani converts
all the environment of Cocteau in a few straight lines used only to send the portrayed forward to the viewer, only the character is important, as extreme example of this, take a
look at the curved shape behind the chair back near the neck and with that curve in mind go down the page to see the x-ray, the curve is just the head of the previous painting.

kisling cocteau

The painting by Kisling is dated in 1916 and that date has changed the datation for the Modigliani one, but probably the painting remained unsigned
and unfinished until 1917 that could probably be the correct explanation on why the Modigliani work is dated in top in 1917.


Nº 325 in D'Atri papers, as portrait du poête Jean Cocteau - 100 x 81 signed top left, dated 1917 Paris, provenance: Zborowski > Decaves > Guillaume in 1926


Detail of signature in visible normal light:

Inverted image:

The line where the date 1917 is painted, usually lies under the frame that is why none of the modern historians mention it, Since Schlamenbach all the historians had accepted as
valid the 1916 date, mainly based on the Kisling version that is dated in 1916.
So just taking the painting out of the frame and they would have seen the truth and instead of doing it, they remained attached to the bibliographic sources/mistakes instead of seeing by their own.

In red the area that is usually hidden under the frame:
area hidden under the frame


The eyes / eyebrows of this painting are absolutely unique but matches perfectly the style used by Modigliani from 1916 to 1917 production, the use of
patches of color to contour is classical in this period.



Detail of the ear where the drawing with colors and black detail is visible and is painted over the color (on top of the color) very strongly applied.


Detail of hand:



The X-ray of this painting show another painting under the actual layer, probably by Moïse Kisling, this re use of the canvas from another fellow artist show that Modigliani's lack of
materials was real.

Image of the X ray:
x-ray-jean cocteau

If we turn this image 90 degrees and enhance the back painting this is the result:
xray jean cocteau turned 90 degrees


The painting framed at the Princeton University Museum, the frame is the same since at least 1950

The painting framed at the Princeton University Museum, the frame is the same since at least 1950

Image of the Painting at the Pearlman Office Ca. 1960:

Image of the Painting at the Pearlman Office Ca. 1960

Back of the canvas showing that it has been relined and set up a new stretcher:

back of the canvas


The number of drawings and sketches for this painting I have found in old sales and books is more than 15 serious ones

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