Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Nº 221? NO Nº 143 ? ? Nº 143 ? ?
Date 1916 ?
Title The young Florist - Flower vendor
Materials Oil on canvas ?
Size 81 x 54 cm?
Signature: Yes (Ceroni's text, not visible in the image)
Actual Location in 1970, Private Collection USA - Unknown ?
Provenance -?-
Lepoutre Collection, Paris ?
Bing Collection, Paris?
Private Collection, USA?

In process

Bibliography -?-

Pfannstiel, "catalogue presume" Modigliani. L'Art et la Vie. Preface de Louis Latourrettes, Seheur, Paris, 1929, p. 36 (with doubts?)
Pfannstiel, Modigliani et son oeuvre, etude critique et catalogue raisonne, bibliotheque des arts, Paris, 1956 - nº 221 (with doubts?)
Ceroni & Piccioni, Il dipinti di Modigliani, Rizzoli, Milano, 1970 - nº 143
Patani, Catalogo Generale, Leonardo, Milano, 1991-94 - nº 143

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Exhibitions -?-


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Other Not in D' Atri papers


I have never seen this painting live or in a color image.
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