Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
NO NO Nº 150 NO ? NO? Nº 153 YES ?
Date 1916 ? (Restellini dates in 1917)
Title Portrait du photographe Dilewski 
Materials Oil on canvas
Size 73 x 50.2cm
Signature: Signed "modigliani" topright
Actual Location Private Collection?
Provenance -?-

Georges Schick, Paris
Perls Gallery, New York
Anon. sale, Sotheby's, London, 7 December 1977, lot 81
Hammer Galleries, New York
Private Collection, acquired in 1989

Sale Christie's Sale 9516 - Lot 50 - Impressionist & modern art,  New York- 8th November 2000
Estimate: 2.000.000 - 3.000.000 - Sold for: 1.986.000 USD

Lot condition report:
Glue lined. Varnished. Examined under ultraviolet light. Finely retouched abrasion throughout the figure's black jacket.
The color of the blue background and the reds in the figure's face are brighter and fresher than they appear in the catalogue illustration.

Private Collection

Sale Christie's Sale 2216 - Lot 27 -Impressionist & modern art,  New York- 3rd November 2009, Unsold
Private Collection

In process

Bibliography -?-

Ceroni & Piccioni, Il dipinti di Modigliani, Rizzoli, Milano, 1970 - nº 150
Patani, Catalogo Generale, Leonardo, Milano, 1991-94 - nº 153

In process

Exhibitions -?-
Tokyo, Galerie des Arts de Tokyo, Modigliani, Utrillo, Kisling, August-September 1980 - nº 10
New York, Hammer Galleries, 19th and 20th Century Impressionist and Modern Masters, May-August 1989, pp. 16-17

In process

Other Not in D´Atri papers


Detail of the ears where the drawing is clearly visible and is painted over the color (on top of the color)



This painting presents holes in the 4 corners (2 of them covered by restoration)

There is another portrait of Vladimir Dilewski only presented in Lanthemann's catalogue and at unknown location:

Dilewski with a cane
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