Gitrl with sailor neck by Amedeo Modigliani
Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Nº 124 Nº 121 Nº 125 YES 13/1916 128 ? ?
Date 1916
Title Young girl with a sailor blouse- la fille au col marin - la femme en blouse marin
Materials Oil on canvas
Size 55 x 35 cm
Signature: Signed " modigliani " bottom left in white
Actual Location Loan to Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Venezia (2016-7)
Provenance -?-

Berthe Weill, 1917
Leopold Zborowski, Paris
Paul Guillaume, Paris
Bernheim Jeune Gallery (1929)
Georges Benard (Bernard Freres et Cie), Paris
Sale: Drouot, Paris - Collection G. B. Sale (Gerorges Bernanrd - Bernard Freres et Cie), 9 / June / 1933- Lot 65
Sold 4.100 FF (a similar Matisse in same auction 26.500 FF) - as La fillette au col marin /toile 55 x 35. Signe en bas, à gauche.
Bianchi Collection, Paris (acquired from above)
Toso Collection, Venezia (1952)

Loan to Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Venezia
Bequest of Luisa Toso, 2016
Nº 2016.45

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Exhibitions -?-

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In process

Other D´Atri files as nº 314, dated in 1917, size 65 x 46cm and located in Bernheim Jeune Gallery in 1929.
Canvas with holes in the corners (some of them half restored / covered with later varnish and paint )
Restoration intervention carried out by the chief conservator of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Luciano Pensabene Buemi, with funding from global private banking group EFG.
During the restoration a thick layer of non-original varnish that had been applied during a previous intervention was removed to reveal the original cold blue and gray tones as well
as the peach-colored face, which had deteriorated to beige.

In addition, the oxidation and whitening visible on several parts of the canvas were removed.
changes after restoration of fille au col marin
The importance of this restoration is the discovery of the real Modigliani.

Colors totally changed and brights (as master touches) make the composition alive.
The background is now visible and is now much more similar to Little Lucienne and shows a total advance/spoiler of his later paintings.

Use of impasto & diluted paint layers can be seen in this zoom images:

detail of the use of impasto in the face

Recently I read a report from an "expert" saying that a painting was fake because the eyes had too much make up
(he wanted to say that the eyelid was too much over painted, French experts tend to use that type of expressions)

This painting when dirty was much more in similar tones, the yellow varnish made the white touches and colors to be seen like under dark sunglasses
so the unexpected details like the eyelid colors or the peach/orange touches were not visible.

This is a very common problem with the experts "connoisseur style" they are used to create their own artist based on what they have previously seen, mainly color reproductions
in books with a strong illumination change.

What would this expert say about this painting now that real color are visible??


The painting framed in Venice Peggy Guggenheim museum:
framed at the peggy guggenheim museum

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