la servante by Amedeo Modigliani
Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Nº 75 Nº 123 Nº 123 YES ? Nº 126 YES YES
Date 1916 ?
Title The young maid with stiped apron - la servante - la servante au tablier rayé - seated servant - Zofe
Materials Oil on canvas
Size 92 x 64.8 cm ?
Signature: Signed " modigliani " bottom center/right
Actual Location Private Collection?
Provenance -?-

Leopold Zborowski, Paris
Netter Collection, Paris
Bernard Dorival Collection, Paris
Wildenstein & Co., Inc., New York
Private Collection (acquired at Wildenstein 24/April/1979)
Sale: Christie's - TWENTIETH CENTURY ART - 19 November 1998 - New York, Park Avenue - Sale 9066 - Lot 342
Estimate: 3.500.000 - 4.500.000 USD - Sold: 3.082.500 USD

Lot Condition Report:
Glue lined. Varnished. Some craquelure to the following areas: in the black area on right side of canv as; to the figure's shirt; some fine cracks to hands. Examined under ultraviolet light.
Small losses with associated retouching as follows: several scattered to background at proper right of figure; a few specks scattered along left contour of figure; in background to upper
right and lower right corners; and a few to figure's shirt near right side of skirt. The colors in the catalogue illustration are fairly accurate overall.

A photo-certificate from Marc Restellini of the Wildenstein Institute dated Paris, 10 September 1998 accompanies this painting
Terry & Jean De Gunzburg Collection, London.

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Exhibitions -?-

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Nº 33 in D'Atri papers, dated in 1917 - provenance in Netter, Paris





Canvas with holes in the 4 corners (some of them half covered with a later varnish)


The painting framed in location at the London Gunzburg Residence:

The painting framed in location at the London Gunzburg Residence

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