woman with wig
Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Nº 316 Nº 139 - YES? ? ? YES ?
Date 1916 ?
Title La parruque - the wig - Madame X à la toque - Woman with wig - the wig - femme a la coiffure - Femme a la toque
Materials Oil on canvas?
Size 81 x 54 cm ? (Pfannstiel say 100 x 65)
Signature: Signed " modigliani . " top right
Actual Location Private Collection ?
Provenance -?-

Netter Collection, Paris (probably a mistake in the 1933 exhibition based on the owners information)

D. P. provided me this provenance by email:

Galerie Leopold Zborowski, Paris
Victor Bossuat Collection, Paris
Paul Augier Collection, Paris
Galerie Bellier, Paris
Private Collection, Paris (since 1963 till today)


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Bibliography -?-

Pfannstiel, Modigliani et son oeuvre, etude critique et catalogue raisonne, bibliotheque des arts, Paris, 1956 - nº 316
Lanthemann, Modigliani, catalogue raisonné: sa vie, son oeuvre, son art, G. Condal, Barcelona, 1970 - nº 139

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Exhibitions -?-

Bruxelles, Modigliani: Retrospective Exhibition. Palais des beaux-arts, 1933 - nº 52
Basel, Amedeo Modigliani, Kunsthalle, 1934 - nº 44
Paris, Cent Tableaux de Modigliani, Galerie Charpentier, 1958 - nº 36 (dated 1916 - size in catalogue 92 x 60 )
Tokyo, Modigliani et le primitivisme, The National Art Center, 2008 - n° 32
Osaka, Modigliani et le primitivisme, The National Museum of Art, 2008 - n° 32
South Korea, Amedeo Modigliani and Jeanne Hébuterne, Aram & Harmony Art Museum of Goyang, 2008, curated by Marc Restellini

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Detail of the ear where the drawing is clearly visible and is painted over the color (on top of the color)


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