Moise Kisling by Amedeo Modigliani
Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Nº 60 Nº 92 Nº 107 YES 2/1916 Nº 111 YES YES
Date 1916 (Pfannstiel & Lanthemann dates in 1915)
Title Moïse Kisling
Materials Oil on cardboard (Ceroni, Parisot, Pfannstiel, Lanthemann say canvas)
Size 104.8 x 74.9 cm ( Patani, Parisot, Ceroni: 104 x 75- Pfannstiel 105 x 74)
Signature: Signed in low left "modigliani"
Actual Location Private Collection?
Provenance -?-

Paul Guillaume, Paris
Jean Walter, Paris
Emilio Jesi Coll. Milano
Jacques Lindon Coll. New York
Leo M. Rogers Coll. New York
Auction: Christie´s, London - 27/June/1972, Lot 139.
Arthur Tooth & Sons, London (acquired at above sale)
Private Collection (acquired in 1973)
Auction: Christie´s, New York - 1/Nov/2005, Sale 1570 Lot 44 - as oil on board (cardboard)
Estimate: 6.000.000 - 8.000.000 USD Sold: 5.616.000 USD
Text in the auction catalogue: Dated in 1916

Private Collection?


It is revealing to read that a work that was for sale / sold in the gallery of Paul Guillaume, financed and owned by Guillaume, was made in cardboard in 1916 (can be seen
in the lower photos of Apollinaire taken inside the office of Paul Guillaume in 1916) should it be an exception?

This support does not exist in Modigliani oeuvre after 1915 as indicated by the market expert in a dossier sent to the Police, Paul Guillaume provided multiple canvases to
Modigliani at this time so he never used again poor media.

Why would sale/display then a work in cardboard at his gallery?

Bibliography -?-

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In process

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In process

Nº 277 in D'Atri files as Portrait of painter Kisling, 105 x 74 signed low left - dated 1915 - provenance in Paul Guillaume 1929




This painting presents holes in the 4 corners.

Detail of the ears where the drawing is visible and is painted over the color (on top of the color)


This painting is visible in a photo of Guillaume Apollinaire dated in 1916.

In the photo the color of the jacket looks white, not blue as is in this painting, maybe it was later altered by the artist or is there a white jacket version?

This photo have 2 copies (probably there are more):

1.- dedicated to André Breton and dated August 1916
dedicated to andre breton
Image source: Sale Andé Breton

2.- dedicated to "André Thevenin amicablement " and dated 13 July 1916
apollinaire dedicated to thevenin
Image source: Otago University

This is the overlay of the painting on the photo:
overlay of the painting on the photo dedicated to thevenin

Based on the dates this photo should have been done in the Guillaume gallery while Modigliani was alive and dated the painting as previous to July 1916.


Photo of Moïse Kisling:
Moise Kisling photo

Biography of the portrayed


Reconstruction of the Guillaume office at the Orangerie Museum, this painting is included:

guillaume house with the painting
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