Beatrice Hastings by amedeo modigliani
Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Nº 63 Nº 85 Nº 79 ? 22/1915 YES ? YES
Date 1915
Title Beatrice Hastings
Materials Oil on cardboard (Ceroni - Pfannstiel- Parisot: oil on canvas)
Size 55.5 x 45.4 cm (Ceroni, Parisot: 55 x 46)
Signature: Signed "modigliani / 1915" bottom center
Actual Location Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada (Inv. Nº71/260)
  • -?-
    Paul Guillaume Collection, Paris
    Private Collection, Paris
    Henry Pearlman, New York
    Fine arts Associates, New York (1954)
    Zacks collection, Toronto (1955)

    Art Gallery of Ontario, Gift of Sam and Ayala Zacks, 1970
    (Inv. Nº 71/260)

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Exhibitions -?-
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Winnipeg, Zacks collection, Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1957
Walker arts Center, Zacks collection 1957
Minneapolis, Zacks collection 1957
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