why i do it?


I have always liked his work, I remember to see the "boy with striped sweater" when I was more or less the same age as sitter.
Much later I quit art history for working.

Nearly 12 years ago a friend of my childhood with whom we had a very close relation while kids and lost it time after, came back to my life and in a familiar reunion asked me:

Aren't you an art historian?
I answered a silent,"well, almost, yes."
Why don't you see my grandfather's collection and help me with it....

That was the exact moment all started to roll.

I discovered in the next 12 years how hard, raw, cruel and silly the Modigliani world is.

That's why this page was born to help any other naive idiot like me to avoid my mistakes.

Finally, as the grateful lines present in every bad novel, I should mention that this website could not exist without the inestimable help of some
"art" historians who dedicated time putting nice stones in my path.

I hope they know that they only help me to gain momentum and jump ...

12 years give for much and in other twelve more, we will see what happens.