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    Christian Parisot:

    french/italian art historian.

    · During a long time he was the shadow of Jeanne Modigliani.
    (Or not so much love? , he even was accused by other expert - Carlo Pepi- of ...&%$$%$%/(&
    So amazing that it made me laught a lot - it´s seems to hear Sofia Pettrilo saying "Sicily 1922...")

    Modigliani, endless fakes "The daughter of the artist '? Killed"
    Corriere della Sera, October 1992.

    · He created the "Archives Legales Modigliani-Paris" after a time name changed to "Archives Legales Modigliani Paris/New York", later "Modigliani-Kisling Institute", later to "Archives Legales Modigliani Paris - Roma".
    External link Paris New York in 2001>>

    Modigliani Committee PARIS-NEW YORK Formed; Annual Prize Announced. CBS, march 2001

    · Actually they are named: "Modigliani Institut Archives Legales Paris-Rome", located in Rome in Palazzo Taverna (as they say in the web page, but to make clear a point the palazzo taverna is a mixture of commercial areas with museum and a complete roman style mess, really do not know what part of the palace he got from the italian government...).

    The Modigliani house in Rome? to be supported by a cigar ...
    Exhibart, 04.27.2010.

    Modigliani Institut Archives legales Paris- Rome
    web page actually.

    · He have been in public fights with the other experts always claimin he owns the "Moral right" that he inherited from the late Jeanne Modigliani.

    To make clear a point THERE ARE NO MORAL RIGHTS, THEY EXPIRED LONG AGO (in 1990). So then he has no more autorithy than any other expert or writer.

    Moral rights (a totally stupid concept) can't be inherited or lend to thirds that goes against all the laws in the EC.

    Using his GTK (genetic transmission of knowledge) Laure Modigliani-Nechtschein the granddaughter of the artist is involved in some sort of public fight with his previously collaborator Parisot, claiming that she is the one with the Moral rights (heeeeeyyyyy, they expired in 1990 nobody seems to notice it the last 22 years?).

    This fight has been visible in newspapers with answers, claiming's, letters and all the necessary mess to add more dirty to the name.

    Using this "droit" Laure Modigliani and Christian Parisot" have been doing monumental castings of sculptures and giving them as "present" to various places. (see 1 - 2).

    I will keep my comments for myself, but dear Laure what grandpa would say on this?

    · Using the "Droit Morale" his Institute do prints lithographs /engravings and cast sculptures for commercial purposes, and also sell the MODIGLIANI BRAND for cigars, homeware, cars, hotel rooms, etc.
    click here to see one of his latest "works"

    · Please note this is not illegal, you can also do prints of any other classical master and sell them, the only point would be if it is moral.

    · As many other art historians of the old school, the eye is the most important and he only recalls on science to give a glimpse of sophistication to his press releases (but never shows nothing).

    · He has been involved and even condemned in various cases for Forgery, false certificates and so on:

    77 drawings by Jean Hébuterne, Possible fakes are seized by police in a Modigliani exhibit. ABC, August 2002.
    The Modigliani Exhib opens without the 77 drawings seized by Interpol
    El País, September 2002.
    Spain sends to French Justice the case of the fake Hébuterne's.
    El País, November 2002.
    Modigliani expert sentenced
    The Art Newspaper, 05.19.2008.
    Counterfeit drawings Jeanne Hebuterne:
    2 year suspended sentence and a 50.000 € fine
    Le Point, 11.01.2010.
    A professor of art forged a Modigliani
    Le Figaro , 12.11.2009.

    - Many more drawings expertised by him than paintings at auction mainly because it means less risk for the auction house since it seems that his opinion is actually not as reliable as it has been in the past.

    · Claims to have solve the presence of titanium white in paintings pre 1920* with his word as warranty...

    Solved! Modigliani Institut of Rome finds the solution to the presence of "Titanium White" in presented "Modigliani" Paintings...

Here is a list of what He calls a "SCIENTIFIC committee":
THE SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE at Venice exhibition in 2005

Christian Parisot - President of the Archives Légales Amedeo Modigliani, Paris 

Osvaldo Patani - Art critic, Milan 

Sylvie Buisson - Managing Conservator of the Montparnasse Museum, Paris 

Gérard-Georges Lemaire - Art historian, Paris 

Vittoria Masutti - Art historian, University of Trento 

Doretta Davanzo Poli - Art historian, Venice 

Claudio Gasparoni - Music critic, Venice 

Italo Zannier - Art historian, Cà Foscari University, Venice 

Franco Tagliapietra - Art historian, Academy of Venice 

Enzo Di Martino - Art historian, Venice 

Marino Zorzi - Director of the Marciana National Library


· He strongly criticized the work of the other Milanese Schoolar Osvaldo Patani and he went on part of the acusation against Patani for forgery of various drawings (actually they collaborate, quite interesting...)

The Legal archives Paris claims, those drawings are fake...
La Repubblica, February 1991.

The fake young Modigliani...
La Repubblica, September 1991.

· Do not miss the wayback machine to see the exhibition he did in Venezia collaborating with Osvaldo Patani, it really worth to see what they displayed................ see link >>

· When Jeanne died they were on a cold relation, jeanne said she was going to donate all his files to the city of Livorno, but finally they ended in something called "the archives legales" under the control of Parisot.

· He is in public fight with Marc Restellini (Both say they are victims of a paranoid art critic).

· In 2008 He was acused for fraud and forgery for a false Modigliani drawing.

· In 2010 he was sentenced for forgery of a bunch of drawings by Jean Hébuterne. (2 years jail and a fine)

· He informs that the branding name can report up to 28 millions of Euros.

Modigliani BRAND
Looking beyond signs

To help move the project forward, the Institut reached out to Interbrand to develop the Modigliani brand.

Art in close view: The Modigliani Brand Values 28 Millions Euros.
OmniRoma, Agenzia di stampa. Nov. 2010

Please see the curatorial work at the palazzo Taverna:

3 discoveries with 4 heads reproductions.
Does the institute created them for sale in "limited editions"?
They have told me the exhibit was only for two days, why?

A nice table in the middle of the exhibition by the brand Ginori who has done a collaboration for the exhibition in rome
in exchange of the product placement...

And also a large series of coffee services, ashtrays, fine china and so on with
Modigliani paintings, style, friends & others...

· Here is a brief list of the Museums and exhibitions in which he has "collaborated" in recent times:

· 2007 - MOSCOW - Pushkin Museum > Modigliani
· 2008 - SPAIN- Museo Fundacion Thyssen Bornemisza > Modigliani y su tiempo
· 2008 - ITALY - CASERTA,  Belvedere di San Leucio > "Modigliani l'Artiste.
· 2009 - ITALY - Avvocatura dello Stato - Sala Vanvitell i> "Amedeo Modigliani, Un amore segreto"
· 2009 - ITALY - Museo Fondazione Luciana Matalon >"Modigliani, Una storia segreta".
· 2010 - PRAGUE - Exhibition Hall of the Municipal House > "AMEDEO MODIGLIANI"
· 2010 - ITALY - MAGA - Museo Arte Gallarate > "Il Mistico Profano, omaggio a Modigliani".
· 2010 - ITALY - Palazzo Barberini - Museo Archeologico Nazionale  > “Modigliani"
· 2011 - ITALY - Museo Civico Castello Ursino  > “Modigliani, ritratti dell’anima
· 2011 - TAIWAN - Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts > "Modigliani and his circle".
· 2012 BRAZIL, a large number...

and many more I will try to update. but you can check his press clippings at: LINK>>

If someone think that his curatorial work is fine, just take a look at his last in Rome:"Modigliani. Segno e tradizione"
Palazzo della Cancelleria, March 27th to 11th April 2012.
This one is really NIFTY

Brilliant to save money they use ikea frames...

but wait a minute shouldn`t they be concerned on the acidity
of the paper of the $ 9.99 usd frame made in pakistan.


One of Jeanne's authorized fake sculptures along with a discovery by Parisot?

all images available here: LINK

And more things That I have to work a little as for Instance The "casa Modigliani" in Brazil...

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