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While live, the list is quite short, just one individual and a few collectives, but once dead the list is enormous.
The actual interest in Modigliani grows as his prices rise.

let's make some analytical search about them and try to recreate the ones possible, but this work is mine, so I don't have to follow any rule,
there are plenty of books where you can find a totally official style lists (each expert has their one and fight to keep it secret).

The same as the rest of the page this is an ongoing work so check it often because it grows when I have time & I get the data..

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have in mind:
work in progress
While Living

A slow start and a horse race end

From 1906 ( his arrival to Paris) to 1912 he was just another one in the crowd of artists lurching in the great Parisian art world.
From his encounter with Guillaume to his definitive settlement with Zborowski (1916-17)those years give a glimpse of a possible bright future.
His last 2 years show that he was in the correct path, no idea if he would get to somewhere.
(maybe his art was just made for a short run, like de Chirico or other artist that end repeating themselves like parrots over and over)
But what we are dealing here show an artist in the best place possible in the last 2 years with a demanding market, collections asking for his works previous to
creating them and an open market expecting for more, but the tuberculosis meningitis didn't care...

A myth of tragic proportions.
1906 Paris Galerie Wylda ? ? 3      
1907 Paris 5th Salon d'Automne / Grand Palais October 1 6 1  
1908 Paris 24th Salon des Indépendants / Societe des artistes indépendants /Serres du cours-la reine March 6 1 1 VIEW
1909? Paris 25th Salon des Indépendants / Societe des artistes indépendants /Serres du cours-la reine??? March?       VIEW ?
1910 Paris 26th Salon des Indépendants / Societe des artistes indépendants /Serres du cours-la reine March 6 - - VIEW
1911 Paris Souza Cardoso Studio March - - 7  
1911 Paris 27th Salon des Indépendants / Societe des artistes indépendants /Pont de l'Alma March - 5 1  
1912 Paris 10th Salon d'Automne / Grand Palais Oct -Nov     7  
1914 London Whitechapel gallery / 20th ct. art: a review of modern movements May/June - 1 1  
1916 New York Modern Gallery March? 1 21 2  
1916 Paris Paul Poiret Atelier chez Mme. Bongard / Dessins en blanc et noir March   ?    
1916 New York Zayas Modern Gallery March ? ? ?  
1916 Paris Galerie Georges Bernheim / Exposition de Tableaux, sculptures et Objects d'Art May- June ? ? ?  
1916 Zurich Cabaret Voltaire June   2    
1916 Paris Salon d’Antin / L’Art moderne en France July ? 3 ? ?  
1916 Paris Atelier Émile Lejeune / Lyre et Palette, 1st exhibition Nov-Dec 14 +? ? VIEW
1917 Paris Galerie Chéron May ? ? ?  
1917 Zurich Galerie Dada / Ausstellung von graphik, broderie, reflief May ? ? ?  
1917 Paris Galerie Paul Guillaume May - Sept ? ? ?  
1917 Paris Galerie Berthe Weill / Exposition des Peintures et des dessins de Modigliani - 32 Works December ? ? ? VIEW
1918 Paris Galerie Paul Guillaume / Peintres d’Aujourd’hui December 4     VIEW
1919 London Mansard Gallery / French Art 1914-1919 Aug-Sept 9 50    
1919 Paris 17th Salon d'Automne / Grand Palais
Nov-Dec 4      

To give an idea of the position Modigliani already have at this moment, the Burlington Magazine in 1920 in the review of the exhibition:

He was already in the main roles.

Modigliani dies 24th January 1920
Afterwards (1920-today)

Once dead the wild party begins

Here you can easily extract the next conclusions:
1.- After his death (or to be more exact after the yellow press style scandal of the suicide of Hébeuterne 9 months pregnant) the market was hungry and like a wave the impulse lasted for
almost 10 years then in the 30's the things got calm again and he was almost forgotten, there are no good individual shows, just he is regularly included in
collectives and always under the "French artist" umbrella but he is again a marginal artist just known by a few inner art world people, one of the biggest bust a marginal name.

2.- In the verge of the 50's and after a few movies / novels / and the nasty daughter and expert fights the name comes back under the idea of tragic painter, drugs, bohemian excess, etc. etc.
Since the end of the 50's the name comes to the mass public and everybody want to get a piece of the tragedy for their walls and or a portion of the investment cake.
(also the same moment of the mayor number of fakes, that's why even the historical ones are so easy to detect)

3.-From the 70's to actual the growing is constant and more and more bigger, the number of exhibits decrease in the last years because of the cost of moving such an expensive
insurance, but the interest in auction an museums for his work increases exponentially to the "Most forged artist in the world" myth.
( that would be an honor more appropriated to Murillo, Corot, Turner, Renoir, Degas and many more and by the way I have never read
of any actual expert in Degas or Murillo claiming to destroy artworks he does not consider OK)

1920 Paris Galerie Devambez/ Peinture moderne 27 Jan-Feb 13     VIEW
1920 Paris Galerie Berthe Weill / Centieme Exposition February ?      
1920 Roma Casa d’Arte italiana / Modigliani March ?      
1920 Paris Galerie d’Art des Éditions G. Crès (a nude) March -April 1      
1920 Paris Galerie Manzi-Joyant / La Jeune Peinture française and Modigliani Jun-July 15 13 3  
1920 Brussels Salle Eolian / Ceux d’aujourd’hui October ?      
1920 Paris Galerie Montaigne / Modigliani retrospective December 17 15   VIEW
1921 Paris Galerie l'Évêque / Modigliani retrospective ?        
1922 Paris Galerie Bernheim Jeune / Modigliani retrospective February 39      
1922 Venezia XIII Biennale di Venezia / Modigliani retrospective April-Oct 12 ? 2 VIEW
1924 Paris Galerie des Champs-Elysées (organized by Zborowski and F. Carco) ? ?      
1925 Paris Galerie Bing et Cie. / Modigliani Oct-Nov 36     VIEW
1926 New York Grand Central Art Galleries /Modern italian art Jan-Feb ?     VIEW
1926 London Arthur Tooth and Sons Gallery / ? ? ?     VIEW
1926 Paris Salon des Indépendants, Trente ans d'art indépendant 1884-1914, Grand Palais March-May 13     VIEW
1926 Paris Galerie Pierre / Oeuvres de Derain-Rouault-Modigliani-pascin-Soutine March?        
1927 Paris Galerie Bing et Cie. / Modigliani ? ?     VIEW
1927 Zurich Kunsthaus Zurich / Italian Art March-May 13     VIEW
1927 London Arthur Tooth and Sons Gallery / Modigliani drawings ?        
1929 London Lefevre Gallery / Modigliani March-April       VIEW
1929 Geneva Moos Gallery / Amedeo Modigliani Jun-Jul        
1929 New York de Hauke & Co. (J. Seligman & Co.) / Modigliani Oct-Nov 37     VIEW
1929 Chicago The Arts Club / Modigliani Dec        
1929 Paris Galerie Bernheim Jeune / Le grand peinture contemporain dans la Col. Paul Guillaume May-June       VIEW
1929 Paris Galerie Cardo / les charmes de l'horreur November        
1929 Tokyo-Nagasaki The french art of the XX century ?        
1930 Venezia XVII Biennale di Venezia / Sala 31 April-Oct 46     VIEW
1930 Brussels Galerie du Centaure / 30 years of french painting June        
1930 Paris Galerie Georges Petit / 100 years of french painting Dec-Jan 31       VIEW
1930 Zurich Kunsthaus Zurich /Kunstaustellung March-April       VIEW
1930 Zurich Kunsthaus Zurich /Amedeo Modigliani May        
1931 New York Demotte Galleries / Modigliani retrospective Nov 29     VIEW
1931 Paris Marcel Bernheim / Modigliani retrospective June       VIEW
1931 New York Museum of Modern Art / Lillie P. Bliss Memorial Exhibition May-Oct        
1932 London Lefevre Gallery / L' Ecole de Paris Jan-Feb        
1932 Paris Musée du Jeu de Paume /temporary collection 1932-1933        
1933 Brussels Palais des Beaux-Arts / Modigliani retrospective Nov 149     VIEW
1934 Basel Kunsthalle / Modigliani Jan-Feb 128     VIEW
1934 New York Museum of Modern Art / Machine Art March April        
1934 Philadelphia Museum of Art / Speiser Loan Collection / Contemporary Painting from the Maurice J. Speiser Collection  Jan-Feb        
1934 New York Museum of Modern Art / Modern works of Art - 5th Anniversary Exh. Nov-Jan 35        
1935 Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum / Tentoonstelling Moderne Fransche Kunst Oct - Nov       VIEW
1935 New York Museum of Modern Art / Summer Exhibition June-Aug        
1935 London Alex. Reid & Lefevre / Catalogue of Modern French Classics Feb-march        
1935 Paris Galerie Ernest de Frenne / Modigliani - Bonnard ?        
1935 Paris Musée de Petit Palais / Les chefs d'oeuvre du Musée de Grenoble -Hommage à Paul Guillaume Jan-April       VIEW
1935 USA The Bliss Collection / Saint Louis - Pittsburgh - NorthHampton Feb-May        
1935 Zurich Kunsthaus / Foreig art in Zurich Jun-Aug        
1936 New York Valentine Gallery / XX Century French Painting January        
1936 Washington D. C. Studio House / Fourteen paintings january        
1936 Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts / Thirteen Paintings Feb        
1936 Cambridge Harvard University Dunster House / Exhibition of Modern paintings May        
1936 Belgrade Prince Paul Museum / Modern French Painting May-June        
1936 New York Museum of Modern Art / New acquisitions: Gift of Mrs. John D. Rockefeller Jan-Feb        
1937 Paris Exposition universelle, Musée de Petit Palais / Les maitres de l'Art indépendant 1895-1937 June-Oct       VIEW
1937 London The Storran Gallery / Modigliani April        
1937 Philadelphia Museum of Art / French Art March-April        
1937-8 USA Museum of Modern art itinerant exhibition / Drawing by American and European Artist) Sept - Sept        
1938 Boston Museum of Fine Arts / XXth Ct. Paintings from the Museum of Modern Art, New York March        
1938 London Arthut Tooth & Sons / Amedeo Modigliani March - April 56     VIEW
1938 London Reid & Lefevre Galleries / The tragic painters June 10      
1938 Canada Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto / Paintings by French Masters - Delacroix to Dufy Oct-Nov        
1938 Paris Galerie Le Niveau / Exposition Modigliani April       VIEW
1940 New York Museum of Modern Art / 12 favorites Jan-March        
1940 Zurich Galerie Aktuaryus / Drawings and prints by Matisse and Modigliani Aug -Sept        
1940 New York Valentine Galleries / Twelve Portraits by Modigliani and a Group of Modern French Paintings Jun-Sept       VIEW
1941 Detroit Institute of the Arts, Alger House / XIX and XX Ct. French drawings          
1941 St- Louis City Art Museum / XXth Century Art Aug -Sept        
1942 New York MOMA/ XXth Century portraits 1942 3 - - VIEW
1942 New York MOMA/ Recent acquisitions Sept-Dec        
1942 New York MOMA/ Recent acquisitions 1942-1943        
1942 Portland Art Museum / 50th Anniversary of the Portland Art Association Dec-Jan 1943        
1943 USA Iowa,Nashville,Poughkeepsie,Amherst,Palm Beach, etc / European and American Paintings Sept43 - Sept44        
1943 Paris Galerie Berri / Petite Peinture          
1943 Philadephia Paintings from the Chester Dale coll.          
1943 Washington D. C. Phillips Memorial Gallery / East - West Oct-Nov        
1944 Albany, NY Institute of History and Art / Beauty and is it Art? Nov        
1944 New York Kleemann Galleries / Paintings and Drawings by Modigliani and Pascin Nov        
1944 New York The American British center / Amedeo Modigliani Nov-May        
1944 New York MOMA / XX th Century drawings          
1945 Paris Galerie Claude / Modigliani and his models June       VIEW
1945 Paris Galerie de France / Modigliani Dec-Jan46 38   3 VIEW
1999 Lugano Museo d'Arte Moderna de la Citta di Lugano March-June 1999 65 24 3 VIEW