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Sounds easy to do a biography of Modigliani. there are many sources, but there is a big problem, who can you trust?

For instance, was he really drunk all the time as Salmon said or just on his spare time, was he really ill all his life or just at the end.

There are many gaps filled with myths and inventions that create a much more literary character than an artist that had time in just 10 years to obtain a place by his own in art history.

So I decided to do a non personal approach, I will reflect the proven data and try to keep the myths and unproven issues out.

I do not believe in the drunken, stoned artist, is impossible to do such a quality large body of work when your main concern is to get a drink or to sniff your nose...

The actual biographers rely on the experts and all of them tend to go on with a story to create their own artist, so I will try not to fall in the same mistake.This is just a complete biography, not a psychological analysis or dissertation on his passions, it is just a recollection of data from various of the experts, historians and even the novelist who has worked on the man.

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