red haired woman with pendant
Pfannstiel Lanthemann Ceroni J. Modigliani Parisot Patani Restellini Wayne
Nº 294 Nº 249 Nº 230 YES ? Nº 241 YES ?
Date 1918
Title Woman with red hair and pendant - Young red haired with necklace - the red hair - woman with necklace in evening dress - Red-headed woman wearing a pendant
Materials Oil on canvas
Size 92 x 60 cm ? (Ceroni, Patani 93 x 60)
Signature: Signed "modigliani" top right
Actual Location Alicia Koplowitz, Omega Capital Art Collection, Madrid, Spain
Provenance -?-

Léopold Zbrorowski, Paris (1929)
Bernheim Jeune, Paris
Paul Guillaume, Paris
Private Collection, Paris
Belien Collection, Brussels
Sale: Sotheby's London, 28/06/1972
Sale: Sotheby's New York, Sale 7466 - Lot 27 - 10/05/2000
Sold: 5.700.000 USD
Alicia Koplowitz, Omega Capital Art Collection, Madrid, Spain

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Bibliography -?-

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In a private Dossier -Restellini dates this painting in 1917

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Exhibitions -?-

Madrid, Modigliani y su tiempo, Museo Nacional Thyssen Bornemisza, 2008
Paris, De Zubaràn à Rothko, Collection Alicia Koplowitz, Musée Jacquemart André, 2017

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Nº 200 in D' Atri papers as "la Rousse au pendentif" sizew 92.5 x 59.5 - dated 1916-17 - provenance in Zborowski > Guillaume


Detail of signature in visible normal light:

signature in visible light


Sketch for this painting at the Philadelphia Museum of Art - Young Woman


The painting framed at the From Zurbarán to Rothko, Alicia Koplowitz collection in 2018:

The painting framed at the From Zurbarán to Rothko, Alicia Koplowitz collection in 2018

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