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complete paintings

Complete paintings

This Area is always changing, view all the work, provenance and files.

the Man

A complete year by year Biography and documentary resource.

exhibitions by amedeo modigliani

A recollection of lifetime and later exhibitions.

The dark side, experts & market

Myths, forgers, Trust & lots of money

the experts past and present

A list and collection of people who made a living from Modigliani's work, some good more bad, and even a few jail condemned folks.
Probably the more polemic area of my website, here you will find everything they want nobody to know...

the market trust & money

This is where the really dirty crowd plays in the mud.
A painter with no protection, surrounded by dirty dealers, galleries, art historians, "Droit Morale", etc..
A perfect storm.

the myths

Repeat a lie five times, publish it a few and then it will become truth on the basis of bibliography, Modigliani's life and work is full of this, lets make some light over them.

the forgers

Not a very singular crowd some are even funny and nice but as in other cases their way is easy to discover and without their agreement with market /experts they would not even exist.

An amazing interview full of surprises and coincidences, a little Homage to the "Private Expert"
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how did Modigliani paint?

He had his tricks and methods, in any of his paintings you can see them clearly.

curiosities (on work)

  • Have you seen this painting?
  • The case of the students
  • Catalogue raisonnĂ© issue
  • Genetic knowledge in art
  • Stupid ideas in Art History